My name is Terry Mason Jr., owner of South Loop Communications located in North-western Indiana and now a very proud and excited Rush Star Wireless client. I would to inform you of the pristine customer service Adrian has provided and continues to provide me. He has been instrumental in the everything dealing with Rush Star Wireless and Progressive. I look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship with Adrian and Rush Star Wireless. Adrian exemplifies was excellent customer service is, should be and can be. Once again I really appreciate Adrian and all his efforts.

- Terry Mason Jr. from South Loop Communications

I would like to share my experience regarding Rushstar’s dealer Support service. They all are exemplary people and always in the best disposition to support and solve any and all issues or questions. They are very kind whenever they speak to us, specially Mr. Enrique ONeill who is the Partner Support representative that I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with the most through the distance between us in Puerto Rico and him in California… he has never failed in helping us in whatever issue we have had or with any question we ask him. It has been a genuine pleasure to work with them.

- Lidelys Roque from Ultino Communications Group

I just wanted to take the time to thank Rushstar Wireless and specially our Sales Rep Victor Spayde, for his time and patience to help our business. He is always available for us, and we really appreciate what he does for us... It is has been great working with him, he knows exactly what our business needs and always offers us the right products!

- Martha Camberos from De Todo En La Pulga

I just want to say thank you guys for everything. Leticia was helping me and I was really happy with your service I look forward to doing business with you guys for a long long time. She took care of me very good, thanks again and I really appreciate everything!

- Fahad Safdar from Quality Sound

This message is to thank RUSH STAR WIRELESS for the service offered to me and especially to Mr. Carlos Contreras for all the help he has given me. He has been very responsible in his work , everything I had requested gets immediate response. Service has been excellent and a great help to my store which is new and has served me very supportive.

Completely grateful for all their dedication.

- Isa Pedroza from IP Communication

I am writing this letter to let you know how much I appreciate the consistently excellent work of your Partner Support Representative Enrique O’Neill. He has an exceptional talent in dealing with people and always has a cheerful disposition to help me in any particularities that I might have. Enrique has an amazing memory and knows our product lines inside and out. He has an uncanny ability to read customers and know what types of additional products to offer me.

Ever since I became a Dealer under the Rush Star Wireless brand, Enrique has been the person who has helped me resolve my issues. Enrique is literally never in a bad mood and seems to genuinely enjoy his job. I wish I could clone him and fill my future call center with 1,000 Enrique’s.

I just wanted to let you aware of Enrique’s spectacular job performance, and hope that you will speak to him personally soon of how appreciated I am of his performance. .

- Efraín Sánchez Cruz from Ultino Communications Group

I've been with Rush Star Wireless for about a year and a half and it's been great! All of the people i have dealt with are really nice and help out a lot specially my agent Leticia Acosta. She has been helping me out with a lot of things and answers all of my questions. She is great at what she does and I am glad to have her as my agent.

- Waleed Saif from Saif Communication and Technologies

Hi, my name is Rany Nona from One Stop Wireless and I want to let Rush Star Wireless know that Brandy Seman is one of the greatest agents I have ever worked with. I can go on all day about her customer service and how she sells all of the products. Brandy always calls to checks up on me and makes sure I am stocked up on all my products and collateral. Brandy is the best at what she does she never let's me down, always trying to get me the best prices. I have worked with many agents and Brandy has done it all and topped them with her customer service and great skills. Brandy is a keeper and looking forward to doing more business as long as she is around. I just want to say thank you to Brandy and Matt as well for their great help and to Rush Star Wireless...

- Rany from One Stop Wireless

With this letter I extend my gratitude and congratulations to the RushStar Wireless Company and their Management Team Mr. Matt Vazzana and Mr. Lawrence Dawood, and also not less importantly to Mr. Enrique O’Neill, Partner Support Representative, who all have given me excellency in service and support while resolving a particular issue with one of their products. In the 15 years that I have been dealing with diverse companies at both the local and national level I had never lived the experience of seeing and feeling the sense of responsibility and drive to achieve client satisfaction as Rushstar Wireless has shown me. To this day I continue doing business with RusStar Wireless because of how the issue that was affecting my business was dealt and improved by their people. My business clients are extremely satisfied with the BLU products and so is yours truly, Mrs. Janet Martinez Jimenez. Once more, THANK YOU for your extraordinary service and support and I expect to continue this business relationship with RushStar wireless and their very professional people for a very long time…

- Janet from Celulares Communication

I have been a Rush Star dealer less than a year and it has been a pleasure for me to work with someone like Brandon as my National Account Manager, and as Rush Star Wireless as my distributor. They are great! You build a long lasting friendship where they are in touch with you all the time, they worry about you, they make sure you are doing good and always help you out. I will be as loyal as they are with me. Offers are excellent! Thanks to everyone involved, and keep up the great work guys!

- Ana from iCell Wireless

First off all it's been a pleasure to work with Rush Star Wireless staffs and it's really a good experience by knowing all the products that Rush Star Wireless selling, No long term commitments products Simple Mobile, Clear and T-Mobile No Contract Plans and SIM cards and GSM Cell Phones and it’s a good clean and fast service I really like to thank the National Account Manager Brandy for excellent support, she is always there for me when I need her anytime of the day whether I need help with activations, to tracking my commissions, she always knows how to put a smile on my face, best support in my many years of business! I have done business with many other companies in the past and never have I got support that Brandy at Rush Star gives to my company Broadway Electronics.

- Dawit from Broadway Electronics

I've been with Rush Star Wireless for a year now and have dealt with a few other primary agents before I started working with Rush Star, and I've got to say they've been the best I've worked with to date. They're responsive on the phone, answer emails quickly and call regularly to see if we need anything or have any questions.

- James from Salem Cell Store

Rush Star Wireless is the BEST business decision I have made for our business to grow and make lots of money!! From the excellent customer service to the Best National Account Manager Brandon Toma who is always on top of everything, he is super-fast and friendly! I would recommend Rush Star Wireless to all wireless companies who want to grow & make lots of money!

- Monique from Flashing Wireless

Great, pleasure to working with the Rush Star. Been with Rush Star for about a Year, they support me with T-Mobile and Simple Mobile. Matt Vazzana is my Account Manager, and I am very happy working with him. Great correspondent and smooth communicator.

- Khalil from Touch Wireless

Experience and professionalism, that's what Rush Star is all about. I found these guys randomly on a Google search and didn't have any idea at the time that I was about to partner with the best wireless distributor in the Unites States. We get incentives on every product we sell, and checks are sent accurately and timely. On top of that, I have Brandon Toma, a dedicated manager that takes care of me on everything that I need. Rush Star Team, you guys rock! Thanks for our business!

- Carlos from Copacabana Import & Export

We purchase Clear Wireless, Simple mobile and all kind of GSM products from Rush Star Wireless. Our experience with them has been above and beyond expectation. Our Rush Star National Account Manager Brandy Seman set the example of what every account manager should be. She is honest, professional and just very easy to work with. Couldn’t be more happier with her. It’s been a pleasure doing business with them. Thanks! Rush Star!

- Sadek from Silver Communications

I have been with Rush Star Wireless for over 2 years now and I have always been pleased with the service that has been given to us. Brandy Seman is our account manager and she always e-mails us with new promotions or specials and any questions or concerns are immediately addressed. We always receive our orders in a timely manner and she even calls us to see how we are doing and if there is anything else she can help us with.

- Lisa from A & M Check Cashing

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