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Telcel America Coverage Map

Telcel America provides national coverage in the best networks in the United States, allowing its users to call and send text messages to land lines and mobile phones in Mexico. Telcel America cell phones work only in the whole territory of the United States.

Why Telcel America
  • Number-one cellular brand in Mexico

  • Lowest price International Long Distance plan including unlimited calling to landlines and 1000 minutes for calls to mobile phones in Mexico

  • Works with virtually any compatible or Unlocked GSM phone including 4G (HSP+), Android and other smart phones

  • Includes Unlimited* calls and text to Mexico, plus 1000 minutes to call mobile phones in Mexico

  • No annual contract – pay for your monthly cellphone service according to your needs

  • With national coverage in the best networks of the country

  • Handsets from the leading manufacturers

  • Does not require credit or identity checks

Roaming in Mexico

Use the same cellular and telephone number In the United States and Mexico

Service Plans

Unlimited nationwide talk and text, plus unlimited international calling. * No roaming charges in US and Mexico.
  • Rate Plans
  • With Auto-Refill
  • Nationwide Talk & Text
  • International Calling
  • Data
  • $20
    for 7 days
  • $18
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • 2 GB
    4G LTE then 2G
  • $25
    for 30 days
  • N/A
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • N/A
  • $30
    for 30 days
  • $28.50
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • 1 GB
    4G LTE then 2G
  • $40
    for 30 days
  • $37.50
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • 4 GB
    4G LTE then 2G
  • $55
    for 30 days
  • $49.50
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • 10 GB
    4G LTE then 2G
  • $60
    for 30 days
  • N/A
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
    4G LTE

*International calling to mobile phones in Mexico, Canada, India, China and 36 other cities. Each account is allowed to dial up to 15 unique international telephone numbers during a 30-day plan cycle, which resets each time a new plan is redeemed. Unlimited international calls are available to landline and mobile numbers in select destinations only, which are subject to change at any time. Calls must originate from the US, Puerto Rico, or Mexico. Other terms and conditions apply.

International roaming is available in Mexico only. These plans allow calls to Mexico, the US, and other international destinations while roaming in Mexico subject to certain limitations. Data used while roaming in Mexico will count toward your high speed data usage in the US. Other limitations, terms and conditions apply.

To get 4G LTE speed, you must have a 4G LTE capable device and 4G LTE SIM. Actual availability, coverage and speed may vary. LTE is a trademark of ETSI. Includes a limited amount of high speed data per cycle. The amount of high speed data provided varies based on your plan selection. After your high speed data is used, your data speed will be reduced for the remainder of the cycle. At 2G speeds, the functionality of some data applications such as streaming video or audio may be affected. High speed data is restored once a new 30 day service plan is added. Other limitations, terms and conditions of service apply.

Unlimited International Calling

International Destinations include certain cities within the countries listed below




Canada Cellular




Costa Rice



Republic of Denmark

Dominican Republic




Hong Kong



India Cellular




Republic of Korea



Mexico Cellular


New Zealand











United Kingdom


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