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Net10 believes that nothing should stand in the way of people connecting to each other and the world. Not limited coverage, or outdated phones, or restricting contracts–and definitely not money. That's why everything they do is designed to deliver the best mobile experience, on the best networks, using the newest phones at the lowest possible price, that's the power of ten.

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30-Day Plans of Net10
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America's Best Networks for Half the Cost

Net10 has partnered with the country's top four carriers to bring customers the network quality they need. The only difference is the cost–we don't have to pay to build or maintain a nationwide network of towers. That means you get the same dependable coverage they offer–for half the cost. GSM and CDMA are the two most common technologies for mobile communication. Net10 Wireless is the only company that offers both technologies, so no matter where you live you'll get coverage on the best network.

GSM Coverage Map
Coverage Map for Net10 for GSM
CDMA Coverage Map
Coverage Map for Net10 for CDMA

The map depicts the general coverage area and is not a guarantee of coverage. Coverage is not available everywhere. The map displays only the predicted and approximate wireless coverage for voice calls, while outdoors, of the network including roaming coverage, if applicable. The coverage areas shown do not guarantee service availability, and may include locations with limited or no coverage. Within coverage areas, there may be significant limitations or interruptions in coverage that may impact service and result in dropped and blocked connections, slower data speeds and call interference. This could occur due to many factors including network changes, traffic volume or outages, your device, technical limitations, signal strength, the terrain, your proximity to buildings, foliage or other obstructions, weather and other conditions. You will not be able to operate your phone or make 911 calls if service is not available. Coverage maps are based on information provided by network carriers and public sources and we cannot guarantee their accuracy. Coverage maps may also vary based on your home location, phone and/or plan.

Why Net10 Wireless?

The NET10 Wireless Way

NET10 Wireless provides exceptional wireless service by doing things differently than everyone else.Unlike the major carriers, everything about the way we operate is designed to save you money. So what does that look like?

No cell towers of their own

They’re expensive to build and maintain. That’s a cost typically passed on to you. But by using everyone else’s towers, Net10 gives you the exact same coverage for half the cost.

No paper bills

The typical cell phone bill has 14 pages. Multiply that by 200 million customers. That’s a lot of paper and extra cost you shouldn’t have to cover. With NET10 Wireless, you don’t!

No hidden fees

Have you ever been shocked by the overages, activation fees, penalties, etc., added on to your monthly bill? That will never happen with NET10 Wireless, since you pay only for the minutes and data you use.

No stores of their own

Stores are expensive, too. Employees, uniforms, electric bills, all that stuff adds up. Net10 just sells their phones and plans to wireless distributors like Rush Star Wireless.

No better deal anywhere

Net10 buys their minutes and data from the big cell phone companies just like you do. But Net10 has an advantage of buying “in bulk” to get you the best deal. Nobody works harder than NET10 Wireless to keep your costs down. Nobody.

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